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7 key elements customers will look for on a small business website

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7 key elements customers will look for on a small business website

Having a website is a necessity for every small or big business. While the larger organizations enjoy the freedom to get a fully customized online platform with the help of the best website development companies, the smaller brands often struggle to get what they need within their budget. But that should not stop them from getting a website, as it works as the face of the brand to the world.

Small businesses can always opt for simple platforms with a remarkable design without going into complex customized modules, but they should not miss covering the key elements the customers expect on a small business’s webbplats. Want to know what your clients will expect to see on your web pages? Read on to find out.

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1.      A proper navigation bar

As soon as your customers drop on your website, they will naturally try to find what they need, and searching starts from the navigation bar. Having a well-organized navigation bar seems like a basic thing. Still, many small businesses do not have a proper navigation bar, which can easily annoy the client.

While designing the navigation, keep in mind that simplicity is all you need. Do not make it complicated because you want it to look ‘creative’. As a rule of thumb, the navigation bar should be present and clearly visible at the same place on all the pages. Any visitor must be able to easily find and reach the page they want through the navigation bar.

You may use dropdowns for better organization of the menu but try to keep it short. Clicking on the logo of your brand on any page should take the user to the home page directly. Optimize the navigation for mobile devices by hiding it under a hamburger sign.

In eCommerce development, the products should be properly categorized and included in the navigation menu under proper names, so that shoppers can easily find the product they are looking for.

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2.      Information about the brand

When a user visits a small business website, it is only usual for them to be curious about the brand. Before they engage in a transaction, they will always prefer to know more about your business. A clear and well-written ‘About Us’ section is a must-have page on the online platform. Try to present your brand details in a transparent way that is easy to relate.

The more the buyer will know about your brand, the more they will be interested in engaging in business with you. It also helps to build online brand credibility, which can lead to a loyal customer base. Keep the ‘About Us’ page informative and straightforward. Include all the necessary details and brand stories that can help the visitor to connect with your brand.

3.      Clear contact details

Providing complete contact information can help your visitors feel more confident about your brand. Along with ‘About Us’, your platform should have a ‘Contact Us’ page with clear communication information. It should include your physical address, working hours, contact number(s) and Email ID. Having a contact form can make it more convenient for the user to communicate, adding to your credibility.

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According to the best web development company in Australia, if your business provides services, the contact number and mail ID should be present on the top of every page to facilitate communication. Even for brands selling products, mentioning the customer care number on every page is a good practice to help the consumers reach you easily.

4.      Appropriate design

When a customer visits your page, greeting him with an intuitive and business-appropriate design is vital. Keep the preferences of your target audience in mind. Over the top visuals can easily distract a user from the primary objective. It can be confusing, and at the same time, difficult for the user to navigate. A user-friendly layout optimized for the best user experience, and easy navigation is a must.

Including clear ‘Call to Action’ on every page makes it easier for the visitors to take the desired action. Responsive design is another web development aspect that your visitors are sure to expect. Any website that does not look good on the smaller screen is sure to lose on traffic and reputation. Users might just even skip it, considering the fact that over 50% of online searches are now conducted through a mobile device.

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5.      Trust elements

Building trust within your visitors is a key step to turn them to customers. Including different trust elements like accreditations, awards, reviews, and testimonials from the previous customers on your website are essential. These work as social proof for your brand and can work as the key to build customer trust. You can also promote these elements through digital marketing for building a loyal customer base.

6.      A secured website

Every user visiting your site expects a secured experience. Even if it does not cover direct financial transactions, assuring your visitors that whatever information they might share or is collected from their actions on the site is secured.

Get an SSL certificate, which will give the ‘secured’ status to the website URL and ensure that any information provided by the user is encrypted and safe.  Webbplats without an SSL certificate is marked as ‘not secured’ by Google which can hamper your online credibility. It also affects SEO.

7.      Quality content

The content on your website plays a critical role in building your brand image. Your customers naturally expect the content to be explicit and informative. If the visitors are not sure about what exactly you do or the exact services you offer right after scanning the home page, it will naturally make them less enthusiastic about your business.

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On the other hand, having quality content and informative blog posts can be helpful to build a loyal customer base. High-quality blogs on your own niche are an effective way to establish your authority in the domain.

To know more about the key elements that the users search for on a small business’s website, talk to a renowned web development company in Sydney.

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