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How to create a website for small businesses?

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How to create a website for small businesses?

Running a small business is challenging and comes with its own set of complications. It means that you are always short on budget to hire specialists to perform specific tasks. For example, if a small company wants to create a compelling online profile, it needs to recruit a specialist web development firm to share its insights. However, budget constraints stop the firm from proceeding further. But the good news is that the process of web designing is not as complex as it seems, as multiple web development companies in Australia focus primarily on such businesses and specialise in designing perfect portals to suit their audience taste. This blog will discuss some necessary steps to create a website for companies just starting their journey. So, read on for some valuable observations.

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Select The Ideal Platform for Portal Creation

Ideally, it would be better to select a user-friendly solution that will help you create a platform without many specialisations. You can choose from the preferences given below to host your website.

WordPress is a credible platform used by millions across the globe. It is an open-source portal and free to use for you. The best part about WordPress is that it acts as a web development company in Sydney by providing full access to the top attributes and gives you total control over your webpage. However, you need to look for a separate hosting provider that is an extra expenditure if you opt for this platform.

However, you might want to try various reputed website builders available in the market if you like all-in-one mechanisms. These platforms offer numerous options for portal designs that are out of the box and customisable with only a drag-and-drop tool. The most significant benefit they provide provides over WordPress is that you won’t require to outsource hosting. However, you will be less flexible when it comes to the design aspect.

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Choose your Domain Name

The next step is to choose the domain name for your portal. Ensure that the domain name matches your business or company name. Suppose you still haven’t thought about the name of your business. In that scenario, you need not worry as you can take the assistance of several website designing companies or follow the below-mentioned tips regarding the domain name.

  • Make sure the name can be spelled effortlessly for ease of recollection.
  • Please don’t keep a long name as it hampers with the engagement quotient, and think of a short option.
  • Keywords are integral to your portal doing well on search engines. Therefore, make sure to include keywords appropriate for your business.

You don’t have to think about buying the domain name at this stage since you have to register it at the next step of hosting. In addition, if you have opted for the hosting providers explained in the first point, you can also buy the domain name through those mediums.

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Select a Reliable Hosting provider

Choosing a hosting provider is the next step while building a website. If a company has selected the host providers in the first point, it can skip this step. However, if you have chosen WordPress, you can consider many fantastic startup-friendly hosting firms. The website of WordPress – – recommends one such firm by the name of Bluehost. The plans they provide are good enough for small businesses, and there is an option for upgrading the package if and when your business grows. You can get a user-friendly interface and install WordPress with a single click.  It is a worthy pack that is deserving of your time, and you should check it out. For other options, you can contact Coweso, the leading web development company in Australia.

Talking about hosting, the team of Coweso also provides seamless services of Server Hosting through their platform. If you are willing to avail of their services, contact them by visiting their portal.

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Choose a Theme or Template

You can find numerous templates and themes at WordPress and other hosting providers that can be easily personalised. The best part is that you can utilise many items free of cost. If you have selected WordPress, you can go to Appearance > Themes to get the option of free themes from your dashboard. You can also customise it after installing and activating your desired template. If you want additional features in your website, WordPress also has a premium version, where you can access features such as eCommerce pages, page builder integration and pre-created portfolios. If you have selected other hosting providers, you can find their templates directly on their platform. You can check and choose your favourite template by previewing the same and start working on your interface.

Think About the Content Structure

Once you personalise your website using the templates, you want to add relatable content for the users. Before you think of the specific content, chalk out the structure in your mind.

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The following links are standard in almost all websites:

  • About Page – This page is used to talk about your journey and the information about your team members.
  • Home Page – When a customer comes to your page, the home page is the first content to attract their attention. Ask your website development Company in Sydney to include a concise description of the services you provide and provide the steps to navigate to other portal categories.
  • Link Containing Products, Services, or Portfolio – If you are an eCommerce company, showcase your products and services along with their description. Mention your work experience and describe the attributes you bring to provide satisfaction to the customers.
  • Contact Page – This page gives your contact information for the customers to engage with you. You can add a contact form to this content so that the users can quickly resolve their queries.
  • Blog – One of the crucial mediums of providing information to and engaging with the customers. This page is a fantastic marketing tool and a must for many businesses nowadays.

WordPress and many other popular portal builders available in the market enable you to easily create pages and add blog posts.

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Apart from building a portal, an app is also integral to your operations as a business. Therefore, it is prudent for you to create a mobile app by utilising the App Development services of Coweso. For more information, visit the webpage.

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