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How to improve domain authority of Ecommerce Websites?

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How to improve domain authority of Ecommerce Websites?

Domain authority is a revolutionary concept developed by leading search engine monitoring websites that predict the likelihood of a website’s ranking on search engine result sheets on SERPs. A domain authority encompasses scores ranging from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating a greater chance of ranking on search engines and lower numbers showing a lower chance of ranking. This mechanism checks domain authority by analysing multiple components, such as connecting root domains and the total number of links, which can be understood better with the help of leading website development companies in Melbourne.

However, before we proceed further, it is crucial to know that domain authority doesn’t impact the search engine results as it is not considered an essential metric by Google. But this fact doesn’t diminish the importance of this attribute as it helps a company be aware of its scores to have a clear idea on improving its rankings. In the following points, we will share some ways to improve your domain authority.

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Ways to Improve Domain Authority

Performing On-Page SEO Optimisation

One of the first methods to improve the domain authority is to optimise the on-page SEO. It is essential to transform your page text with the assistance of top web development companies in Australia as per the requirements of the search engines. There are several factors critical for effective optimisation, but some of the most-used ones are as follows:

  • Focus more on text titles and descriptions.
  • Use appropriate headings & subheadings (H1 and H2) in your content.
  • Take care of the URL arrangement and SEO optimised permalinks.
  • Do not forget to optimise your videos, images and other media components.
  • Use a natural flow of keywords in your text and ensure there is no stuffing of keywords.
  • It is vital to add multiple connections inside your text as it is an effective SEO method.
  • Modify and format your content frequently to be updated, as following this procedure has more chance of ranking in search engines like Google.

Remember, the prerequisite to rank a platform and perform on-page SEO is the quality of content, as inferior content wouldn’t rank anywhere. Google itself has mentioned in one of its guidelines that they would give priority to fresh and updated content on the search platforms.

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Perform an Effective Research

Analysing your competitors is the primary step towards enhancing your eCommerce website’s domain authority. It is best always to compare yourself with the biggest competitors in the domain. You must be comparing yourself against the right competitors, and you should know the best way to do it if you don’t have any idea, a foremost web development company in Sydney like Coweso.

Many web portals provide the comparison analysis feature. You have to visit their ‘research a keyword’ tab under the keyword checker category. Such mediums enable you to input a particular keyword to check whether other portals are also ranking for that exact keyword. If you find a pattern among keywords used by a ranking website, you have found your top competitor. Once you have located the top rivals, do complete research on their web portals and related content. You can take the help of a leading agency like Coweso providing eCommerce services to multiple organisations.

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Properly Check your Link Profile

Once you have correctly analysed your probable competitors, verifying your links should be your next task. It would be best to have multiple followed connections in your backlink profile, which is a list of all your website backlinks, to boost your SEO credentials. Search engines crawl these followed loops, and they do not have a “no follow” tag. Google mostly prefer backlinks from high-authority websites due to their proven trustworthiness. Therefore, It’s more beneficial for you to ditch the multiple backlinks received from spam or suspicious webpages and include some backlinks from high-authority websites. There are many free options available in the market that help you check your connection profile’s health, and you should fully utilise them to the best capacity. You can outsource this task to Coweso, the leading website development company in Melbourne.

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Develop User-Friendly Content

Creating knowledge-sharing and user-friendly content that urges other people to refer them on their portals is one of the craftiest methods to enhance the count of followed connections in your backlink profile and improve authority. Google’s software considers the customer engagement metrics such as organic traffic bounce rate, total traffic and visitors who’ve returned as the benchmark while crawling content. Therefore, a creator has to improve these metrics. The sure shot way seems to be writing engaging content that the consumer wants to see. Doing this will make the user glued to the content at every step of their purchase, apart from tempting other websites to link back to your content. If you’re unsure what type of content other people are looking for, check your top pages as well as the top pages of your competitors. This information provides valuable insights into the type of content that your target audience is interested in.

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Frequently Monitor your Top Page Status

Another crucial tip is to continuously monitor and review the top pages of an eCommerce website to ensure whether they are active and customers can use them. If you find the external links pointing to particular pages, double-check their accessibility and ensure they are not showing error 404. If you find a 404 Error, you should fix those pages or redirect the pages displaying the error to a separate connection. Another way to improve pages with mistakes is to reach out to the websites linking to your broken loops. Ask them to update the loop with the correct URL; it will help you both out! Be sure that the content within the new link is relevant to the topic of the original link, and take assistance from a leading web development company in Australia.

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