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What are the factors to consider while designing great website headers?

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What are the factors to consider while designing great website headers?

A web header is the first thing audiences see when they click on a site, appearing on every page. A fantastic website header with the help of a web development company offsets uncluttered design and crystal-clear navigation to the internal pages of a portal. As such, it’s essential to concentrate on best practices to design a website header for your clients that helps their customers quickly get the information they need. To assist you in creating great titles for your portals, we have provided you with a few factors or tips to consider.

Highlight the Most Crucial Components

One of the primary components to consider is to think of the first activity you want your site audience to perform and ensure that this activity or component is clearly displayed in the upper portion. For instance, one can have a ‘Buy Now icon for an eCommerce site or a ‘Book a Table’ icon for portals related to restaurants. Typically, headers constitute details that make it straightforward for the audience to interact with the portal, including the following:

Company logo: This feature will provide a boost to your brand at all times. Therefore, it is essential to put your logo on the header.

Navigation URLs: This attribute enables customers to navigate around your web page with control easily. In addition, this feature also provides a stable base for users to return in order to do such a movement.

Contact Details: When you integrate this feature, users won’t be forced to go around the portal to find ways to get in touch. This step also helps boost conversions and overall customer satisfaction.

Call to Action (Call Now, Donate, Buy Now): This button will ultimately encourage browsers to use you and increase conversions on your platform. For more information, contact Coweso – the leading web development company in Brisbane.

Shopping Cart: This button will ease the process of reaching the checkout and thus improve conversions and welcome more transactions on your site.

Tagline: You can reinforce your brand values with this content.

Multi-language Toggle: Allow users to switch languages seamlessly for the best customer experience.

Social Media Icons: Boost your follower count and get engagement by providing effortless access to social channels.

Consider which of the above are most important for your portal, and emphasise them.

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Ensure Using Spacious & Readable Fonts

You must ensure that the user visiting your web page should be able to read the content in the upper portion without any difficulty. Try to use words that are short, when possible, and select fonts that are clear and in relatively extensive font size. Most designers don’t typically use stylised fonts in headers, as these can be challenging to read. You must be able to read the headings at a glance. Therefore, use readable, spacious and clear fonts.

Try Transparent Headers if Site Has Beautiful Images

Another suggestion is to try using a transparent upper portion with the help of a web development company in Sydney if the portal contains impressive images. Applying this technique provides you with optimal image exposure while still displaying crucial links. If you’ve utilised a sticky header, it can be somewhat distracting to have it transparent on scroll because the header background also moves with the movement of the images. You can integrate colour in the background to bypass this issue and prevent the scrolling images from being a source of distraction from the links for the customers.


Make the Crucial Details Visible by Using Shrinking Header

One of the fantastic methods of reducing the amount of space taken by the upper portion when users scroll on the page without losing any key site details is the shrinking header. This feature is especially useful if you’ve created a really large and impressive title bar. The shrinking header can display the logo, introductory navigation components, and the logo, apart from changing colour while a user is scrolling.

Put the Shopping Icon on Top in Case of an Ecommerce Site

Another tip is to put a shopping cart icon in the header if you are running an eCommerce portal. This feature helps the visitors on the site to effortlessly complete their buying process in one click, irrespective of their location on the portal. This process will significantly reduce the number of abandoned carts as customers will always be only a single step away from buying your offerings. You can also include a hover function to the cart so consumers can also check what’s in their basket without clicking on it. You can contact a website development company like Coweso for further clarity.

Help Visitors in Navigating the Complex Interface by Using Effects

Another crucial tip is integrating hovering features or selected effects in your website’s upper part. The attributes mentioned above are essential components in helping users while they are navigating your platform. It would help if you chose effects that are displayed in a manner to entice the customers. However, there must be a delicate balance, and they should not distract the audience from their objective. It is pertinent to note that you can witness some effects only on a desktop. Therefore, ensuring the selection of effects that will also appear on mobile gadgets, such as underlining or colour change.

Optimise your Logo by Selecting an Appropriate Upper Format

One of the first things the traffic coming to a website see is the headers. Therefore, one must ensure to display their company logo in this space prominently. You must select a layout for the upper part while creating a website that properly complements the logo style & shape. Practically, you can adorn the middle portion with round and square logos. If you wish to place your logo on the right or left side, it will be better to use the rectangular option by consulting with a web development company in Australia.

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Utilise Elements in Design that Represents the Organisation’s Identity

Another crucial factor to consider is to provide an outlet to express your organisation’s identity by using classy effects & colours. For instance, you can integrate a floating effect if the representative brand is light-hearted. Such an effect can be experienced by users while going over the navigation, thereby intimating them of the personality. However, not every company can use the abovementioned floating effect. It would not be ideal for persons like real estate dealers & lawyers who offer professional facilities.

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