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What are the signs that you have a terrible website?

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What are the signs that you have a terrible website?

Is it possible to know whether you’ve got a bad website? Bad here doesn’t mean outwardly ugly and unprofessional pages from the start of the internet era. This blog concerns those business portals that look fine when viewed at a glance but are secretly detrimental to your business by negatively impacting sales and user experience. It is a vital issue as research by a leading web development company indicates that more than 50% of your prospective clients won’t support and visit your business links if your organisation has a bad page.

The issues plaguing a web page can be of any size and shape and are broadly categorised into three categories: issues related to user experience, design or interface-related problems and content-related topics. We will look at some of the issues that are not always noticeable but harm your web portal nonetheless.

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Integrating Excessive Menus or Number of Menu Alternatives

Many pieces of research have concluded that the human brain gets too twitchy and nervous when provided with multiple alternatives. In such a situation, it can’t decide to pick any one option. No organisation wants to create such a situation when it comes to designing menus on their website. A visitor’s eyes can quickly glaze over if your portal has menus on numerous page components. In addition, too many drop-down options under each title on the main menu also confuse the client. In such a scenario, there is a very slim to zero probability of them finding the information they require.

Providing No Clear Way to Access Crucial Information

We have described how too many options on a page can be a significant issue. Similarly, a website cannot get conversions when the customer has to spend a considerable amount of time finding an option for some crucial details. Most platforms on the internet take a standard and respectable time to fetch your information, making the users accustomed to the said durations and expecting the same on every portal. However, if you place text in unnatural locations, hide menus or force the user to click multiple times before accessing critical details, it will create unwarranted confusion. All this mismanagement might result in your visitors leaving your site and moving on to the rival portal. You can take assistance in this regard from Coweso – the leading web development company in Brisbane.


Not Providing Clarity of your Website Objective

When a customer comes to your portal, they clearly understand your objective as a company and the services & attributes provided by your portal. A typical & SEO-friendly web page is filled with relevant content, attractive banners and images. However, a wrong or purposeless platform consists of the following:

  • Multiple buzzwords, slogans or jargon that doesn’t mean anything meaningful
  • No visible copy is provided, resulting in an enhanced effort by the consumer to know more about it
  • Promises attractive deals but provides no logical explanation or details to support the offer

Many studies suggest that a visitor creates an impression of your site in approximately 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) and decides to stay or leave accordingly. It is your responsibility to make that impression memorable and significant.

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Providing Wrong Impression of the Services Offered

Many websites choose to give a first impression with the help of a web development company in Sydney, but somehow it doesn’t gel with their overall services. Such websites often commit the following mistakes:

  • Excessively technical writing to alienate the customer
  • Generic content that sounds software-written and lacks a human touch
  • Copy that tries to patronise the customer or make them feel insulted
  • Content that doesn’t adequately explain the subject matter and adopts the incorrect tone
  • Outdated or incoherent references
  • The inconsistent manner between different web posts and pages
  • No similarity in themes between advertisements, emails, social media, websites and chatbot support

Your platform represents your business in the same manner as a sales or customer service executive. Similar to the executives, if the site is unable to present its offerings sensibly, the visitors will promptly leave.

Not Properly Working on Mobile Devices

In the current digital connectivity and enhancement scenario for every individual, forcing the users to have a forgettable mobile experience is one of the worst web design errors you can make. Every customer has access to a host of fantastic portals with a beautiful interface and all-device compatibility. Therefore, they will feel cheated on coming to your platform and finding that images and content are not compatible with phone screens, the text is not displaying correctly, and one can’t tap menu options due to the small size. It is essential to have mobile accessibility for enhancing the customer experience and search engine optimisation capabilities. With multiple affordable platforms and service providers at your disposal, you can’t make excuses for a non-functioning website.

The Page Speed is too Slow.

Page speed plays a significant role not only in mobile responsiveness but also from the point of view of SEO and user experience. Higher speed is something that is expected both by Google and your audience. Therefore, you have to find a way to run the portal with considerable speed by taking help from a leading website development company like Coweso. The reason for a slowly loading page could be an issue with your site’s hosting server, and you may need to execute updates or get specialised support. Many online pages upload images and other graphics of enormous size that could also contribute to the slow speed. Your online speed can also get impacted due to problems within your page’s code. The bottom line – a site taking a lot of time loading is considered unprofessional and results in a loss of audience irrespective of the reason.

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