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What are the Steps to Report Potentially Illegally Content to Google?

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What are the Steps to Report Potentially Illegally Content to Google?

Sometimes you might see content on a search that you think is unlawful or unauthorised. You can see such text on a rival web platform that has illegally lifted some of your exclusive content onto one of its pages. You might also come across a webpage that is trespassing or trying to go around a specific law of the nation. However, most persons do not have the required knowledge to report or remove that web content from search engines or other Google offerings. Therefore, as a reputed web development company, we have provided a few steps in the form of bullet points to help you explain the process of removing potentially illegal content on Google.

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  • It is easy for anyone to report illegal content on any Google platform. One can do so through a helpful web link, g.co/legal, which would direct you to a page listing Google’s product.
  • Go to the page from where you wish to remove content. After selecting the said page, for example, the search page, choose the reason for removing the text. You can choose from many alternatives, such as an intellectual property violation like copyright. You can consult with a web development company in Sydney, such as Coweso.
  • Always remember that you need to be the owner and holder of the content if you wish to report a possible copyright violation. If you don’t own the content, your request will not be considered. You should note that if someone creates content, they are considered the holder of that material’s copyright. This fact means that the copyright in an image typically belongs to the photographer, even if it is an image of a different person. So, you will not be the copyright holder in a photo even though you are in it unless you are talking about a selfie.
  • Once you select the reason for removal, you will get a form page. Fill out the details as asked when you reach the form so that a team of Google assistants can analyse your request. If you want that your request is processed with more urgency and more success probability, try to provide accurate and specific details to the search engine giant.
  • Ensure not to send the full website link to the search engine as your request will not be accepted. Send only the exact page URL from which you wish to remove objectionable content with the help of a web development company in Brisbane.
  • When you provide the link to the said page, it is recommended to precisely explain which text on the portal belongs to your website.
  • The completion of the above step means that your request submission process is finished. Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a link to a dashboard or an email confirming that the website development company has received your bid with the case number depending on the Google product containing issues.
  • The duration of your receiving a response will be based on the kind of issue you are raising. However, it would be better not to worry, as Google has a certified group of specialists working on content moderation across the globe. Your query will be handled with the required consideration.
  • You will receive further correspondence through email if the company thinks they need more details from you. Therefore, always ensure checking your mails and providing any required information asked to help Google process your request speedily.
  • Once the request is processed, the web development company will send you a confirmation notification through the dashboard or email.
  • A point worth mentioning is that while the search engine has the power to eliminate URLs to potentially dangerous or objectionable material, the right to remove any illegal text from a web platform rest solely on the platform owner or host. Therefore, you have to contact the portal owner if you wish to eliminate the material from its source.
  • You can check out Google’s legal help centre link for more details. They also have a portal accessible at g.co/legal/transparency for those who wish to check their transparency docs to look at the whole gamut of the request they get.

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If you are one of the web development companies in Brisbane whose pages have been blocked using the above process for harmful content, read on for more information.

Signs that your Web Page Has Been Blocked

  • You are barred to access the whole or a part of the site by the Anti-virus
  • You get the message saying, “This page may be hacked.”
  • You are blocked on the warning page when you visit the portal
  • Host disables your platform after providing you notification
  • SEO spam links and redirects in search engine outcome files
  • Unprecedented changes to files or the appearance of unfamiliar files
  • You get safe-browsing warning page displays before reaching the site.

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How to Fix the Blocklist Problem?

Try to remove Infections on the Page

Your website may get infected by a virus, and you should try to rectify the situation. You should be able to create edits to documents on your server to conduct the malware removal procedure. You can also recruit an experienced web development company in Australia to take care of your site if you are not able to perform the process on your own.

Try to Rebuild the Site through Replacing Files

You can recreate the portal using fresh copies of the core files and plugins directly from the official repositories if you use a CMS such as WordPress. You can substitute custom files with a recent backup if it’s not infected.

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Try to Locate & Remove Suspicious Fields and Payloads

If you find through tools like Google Webmaster or Sitecheck that any suspicious platforms or payloads are present on your portal, you can start searching for those docs on your server. The finding date can also limit your discovery to files changed around that duration.

If you want to manually eliminate a malware infection from your portal files, follow the below-mentioned steps with the assistance of a web development agency in Sydney:

  • Use SFTP or SSH to log into your server.
  • Don’t perform any tweaks before creating a backup of the website.
  • Refer your notes related to the suspicious domains and thoroughly search your files for such malware.
  • Identify unknown or recently tweaked documents.
  • Arrange a clean backup or copies from the official repository and restore suspicious files.
  • Replicate any customisations made to your documents.
  • Once the above changes are done, conduct a test to check whether the site is still operational.
  • You can also manually search for standard malicious PHP functions, such as eval, base64_decode, gzinflate, preg_replace, str_replace, etc. Note that plugins also use these functions for legitimate reasons, so be sure you test changes or get help to avoid breaking your site.

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