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What is the Helpful Content Algorithm Update Launched by Google?

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What is the Helpful Content Algorithm Update Launched by Google?

Google, the search engine giant, is looking forward to launching a new and significant search algorithm update called the helpful content update. The said content algorithm will aim for portals having a considerably high volume of unhelpful or inferior content, where the websites have not published & written material for the regular audience but to rank on search engines. According to Google representatives, this update, which will be launched soon by the company, will have a meaningful impact on the search results of an organisation with the help of a leading web development company.

What is the Objective of this Update?

The primary objective of the algorithm update is to reward people-first content, i.e., those texts or graphics that help visitors and audiences achieve a gratifying experience. On the other hand, it looks to punish or strictly monitor the underwhelming text that doesn’t meet the people’s expectations.

The search engine leader says that one can guarantee developing content adequately complemented with the new algorithm by adhering to the long-affirmed recommendations and rules to create valuable material for the audience instead of search engines. People-first content creators benefit from this plan because their primary focus is to develop useful & relevant writing with the help of Coweso – the leading web development company in Brisbane while offering additional increment to the audience using SEO best practices. The company has created a list of questions and said that your website is treading the right path if the answer to the below-mentioned questions is yes:

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  • Do you possess an existing or deliberate user base for your venture or portal that would find the text informative if it directly came to you?
  • Does the text clearly showcase first-hand specialisation and a high level of skills (for instance, specialisation achieved from having actually employed a service or item or going to a location)?
  • Does your web page have an immediate focus or objective?
  • If someone reads the web text, will they realise before leaving that they have gained adequate knowledge by going through your written material to achieve their objectives?
  • Will someone feel like they had an enriching experience when they leave after reading your material?
  • Are you keeping Google guidance in mind for primary product testimonials and updates?

How Can We Know if the Content is Created Primarily for Search Engines?

One thing to be kept in mind as per Google is that it is not discrediting the best practices of SEO contained in its SEO manual by advocating for a people-first approach. When SEO managed by a web development company in Sydney is applied to people-first texts, it becomes a valuable activity. However, a material designed mainly for search engine audiences is strongly associated with content that doesn’t impress the users. However, it is possible to prevent the approach of writing for search engines. If your answer to some or all of the below-mentioned questions is yes, it is a sign of danger, and you should reassess how you’re developing writing skills across your platform:

  • Is the content primarily designed to catch the search engine’s attention instead of being created for a regular audience?
  • Is your organisation blindly greenlighting and uploading all trending topics hoping that some of it might work well to improve its ranking?
  • Are you developing written material on numerous topics with the excessive help of automation?
  • Are you mainly echoing other writers’ thoughts without adding anything of your own?
  • Are you uploading about topics only because they are currently trending and not because they are part of your original content base, and you would not have written about them otherwise for your customers?
  • Do you write about topics in such a way that the reader needs to get help from other sources to understand your topics better?
  • Have you heard from a website development company that Google has a required word count, and you are crafting your documents according to the count? (Google doesn’t have a fixed word count.)
  • Did you enter some specialised segment without actual knowledge because you wanted to get customised traffic?
  • Does the blogs or articles you write claim to answer a question that has no clear answer, such as disclosing the launch date of an item, TV show or movie when there is no confirmation from the manufacturers?

What are the Details about the Update?

According to the search engine giant, the updates will start rolling out this week and will be uploaded on their ranking updates page when it starts. The whole process would get completed in up to two weeks. This update constitutes a new site-wide sign that will be among many signals considered for ranking websites. The content having negligible value or which is not particularly useful for the audience coming to a portal with their requirements will get automatically get located & identified.

Suppose a site is hellbent on keeping text that is of no particular use and containing redundant material not helpful for any user. In that case, its performance will drastically fall when user search is concerned, supposing there is another portal with topics elsewhere on the web that is better in quality and therefore better deserves to be displayed. For this reason, you could help boost your content’s ranking by removing redundant and unhelpful bits. For more info, reach out to Coweso – the foremost web development company in Australia.


Many entrepreneurs usually have a question – Suppose we remove all the poor text. How long will it take us to perform better and rank ourselves? The answer is that areas located by this upgrade may find the sign applied to them over several months. Google continuously runs its classifier for this update, letting it check newly-minted and existing sites. The classification will no longer apply when it determines that the unhelpful text has not been visible in the long term. This classifier procedure is entirely automated and uses a machine-learning model. It is not a manual or a spam action, but only a new signal and one of many signs Google assess to rank text.

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