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Why Should you Build your Website with Craft CMS?

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Why Should you Build your Website with Craft CMS?

Whenever an organisation starts collaborating with a new web development company, one has to make a slew of significant decisions before starting any given assignment. One primary factor to consider is choosing the ideal CMS or content management system for the project. While the most used and popular CMS in the globe, which most companies use, is WordPress, Craft is one system that has grown into prominence in recent years and is used by leading companies, including Netflix. Why is it consistently used by more & more users? Let’s discuss it in the given below paragraphs.

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Great Way to Manage Content

One of the high points of Craft is that it focuses its energy on catering to a single issue – managing content. While it is evident for a content management system to focus on this point, you will find to your surprise, that most leading players don’t put much attention on this crucial component. Top players in the market like WordPress & Joomla tend to focus on reducing the hassles related to portal development by trying to take actual creation out of the equation, limiting it to setting up an off-the-shelf theme and a set of plugins.

While most businesses run solidly with this solution used for most of the last decade, it is the wrong method for many ventures. The technique works well for those who simply need an online identity and nothing more. It’s just a manageable solution that will provide the client with some aspect of control over their own portal. However, one needs to invest in Craft with the help of a web development company in Brisbane if they see their website as providing valuable information and a crucial cog in their marketing strategy. Failure to do so often results in a shabby-looking and ineffective platform and an excessive development budget.


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Makes the Process of Content Management Effortless

Most organisations using WordPress often complain about the difficulty they face while using the system. While constantly being used by multiple firms, the platform has not made many changes to its structure.  Most users believe that this system is only easy to use if it is used for blogging purposes or if the coding is done by an advanced technician capable of coding everything in the backend. If you are a novice, managing your web pages is too convoluted a process.

However, Craft is a perfectly customer-friendly platform as opposed to the name mentioned above. It encourages and empowers clients of all types, whether developers, designers, business owners or writers, to manage, develop and edit their content by adequately exploring the CMS. It also doesn’t force you to render complex codes, as the content editor is effortless to use even for a non-technical person. A person with limited technical proficiency can also manage the program just as simply as one manages a Google document, thereby possessing control over everything. For more clarity, reach out to Coweso – the leading web development company in Sydney.

Ideal for Efficiently Customising your Website

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Another benefit of Craft over WordPress is that you are not forced to fit your text into the provided spaces. This is a limitation ingrained in WordPress as it has primarily originated as a blogging platform instead of a content management system. Although we use this portal to develop a website nowadays, one has to know complex levels of coding and add infinite plugins to tweak the predetermined structure and details allowed on any provided page. However, Craft helps you personalise your web page to suit your content. You are in complete control and can set the guidelines related to inclusions on your portal, its supposed interface, and its full navigation. As a result, there won’t be any danger of your portal resembling your nearest competition which can happen if you are forced to design a website using predefined templates and layouts.


Reduces Bloat or Plugins for a Lightweight & Swift System

Bloat on a website refers to all the various plugins one needs to add to their platform to make it functional. This feature is present in WordPress, which is also its most significant drawback because a website on WordPress without plugins is absolutely bare & basic. One needs to install a ‘bloat’ even if the website development company wants to add a simple contact form feature. However, Craft doesn’t suffer from such issues and guarantees your success from its inception. For example, you don’t require additional plugins for integrating basic features such as the contact form mentioned above in this content management system.

Furthermore, in this program, you can find in-built attributes like rebranding, localisation and e-commerce. The presence of the in-built features makes it a helpful alternative for companies, while the lack of plugins makes it fast & lightweight. In addition, Craft also makes the process of connecting your web page to the essential programs that run your operations, like sales and marketing, effortless.

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Saves your Website from Hackers

Most hackers frequently attack websites made on popular platforms like WordPress & Joomla. However, it doesn’t imply any weaknesses or faults in these CMSes. As the hackers find themselves familiar with the system designed by a web development company in Australia due to its popularity, they try to leverage their vulnerabilities. However, you will not find any such concerns with the Craft websites due to a number of reasons as mentioned below:

  • A modern codebase is used during writing, making it unlikely to have any safety flaws.
  • As an industrial platform, the backend team strengthens the system and safeguards clients and their websites by making a lot of effort.
  • The system frequently upgrades its software to prevent your portal from being affected by bugs resulting in lagging speed.

However, it is a fact that even after all the advantages, Craft is an automated software. Therefore, it needs continuous maintenance, upkeep and upgradation to perform efficiently and safeguard clients, as is the intention of the creators. While Craft issues software updates to patch bugs and vulnerabilities, someone needs to make sure they’re implemented on your website. This is simply part of the ongoing maintenance of a website.

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Provides Great Support & Community Experience

Craft provides impeccable support to the clients, and its community also offers the best updates & web development services. The system is a highly developer-friendly platform and entices the cream among the developers, who actively engage in elevating Craft’s status as one of the best content management systems.

Marketing groups and content teams often complain about being doubtful about making the transition to a new portal like Craft. The reasons vary, ranging from unfamiliarity to lack of plugins. While the list of plugins available on the platform is undoubtedly less, as mentioned above, the reason is that Craft provides more significant attention to efficiency and quality. This CMS boasts numerous active plugins, most of which are helpful in managing the daily content-related requirements of a company. All the plugins are comprehensively verified & tasted. It also boasts of a productive toolkit that can be used for every project to guarantee optimising performance and enable ease of use for the end-users.

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