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Why Should you Choose WordPress for Web Development?

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Why Should you Choose WordPress for Web Development?

Most persons have a shared perspective about WordPress, i.e. it is only a platform meant for blogging. However, WordPress is not limited to creating blog posts and offers many more attributes. While it is true that the portal started as a page for making your blogging page, it has grown into a premium website creator and a strong content management system. Two of the best qualities of the platform are that using it is straightforward, and it provides immense flexibility for a developer to design various kinds of websites. That’s the main reason why WordPress is so popular among web development companies all around the globe. A recently conducted study concluded that WordPress powers over 40% of all online pages. The platform provides durable attributes which attract top companies like Sony, Target, Time Magazine, Facebook and The New York Times. Though the mentioned points may convince you to use the tool, we still have provided a few reasons to choose WordPress for creating your portal.

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Trustworthy for the Developers

When it comes to operating your web page, no one wants to take any chances. Sometimes, the best way to decide the trustworthiness of a portal is to verify the number of people using it. According to a recently concluded study, WordPress has the most prominent share in the CMS market as it dominates almost 60% of the industry on its own. The second on the list is Joomla. However, it is a distant second with around 48% of the share.

In addition, various data indicate that almost 35-40% of websites all around the globe are managed by the titular tool, which is a scarcely believable statistic. In short, it is a widely used medium that enjoys so much popularity only because it is reliable. As mentioned earlier, all the famous and popular names like TechCrunch, UPS and CNN use WordPress for their growth-related activities. More than 70 million new posts are uploaded each month on the outlet, which generates almost 70 million comments during the said duration. Nearly one-third of web development companies in Brisbane and the world use this portal. Therefore, it is safe to mention that your page will be in trusted hands if you also use it.


Easy to Access Help & Support

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It is a known fact that most organisations use WordPress all around the globe. Therefore, you can find numerous tutorials, guides and resources to help you on web mediums. You can also leverage multiple forums where you can interact with other clients who use the world’s most favoured CMS. If you have bought a paid plan, you’ll get 24 hours a day access to live chat support from Monday to Friday. You can even reach live chat executives on the off days for clients who have taken the eCommerce or business plans. However, there are a few roadblocks to these resources. One of them is that they won’t be able to assist you with any third-party applications you’re employing on your WordPress outlet. However, as described before, you can use a community guide, forum or another portal to get help in this matter effortlessly. There is a lot of content regarding the tool’s how-to questions and other mechanisms.

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An SEO-Friendly Medium for Better Returns

A website’s success or failure is wholly dependent on its SEO. So, you must focus on it from the day you commence site operations. You can get a few built-in software in WordPress, making determining the SEO-friendliness of your text easy. However, most web development companies in Sydney want to move over the fundamental tools for search engine optimisation. In such a scenario, they are better advised to install the tool’s plugin. If your company wants to install the mentioned plugin, the best alternative for you to think about is Yoast SEO.

You can efficiently use this plugin since it also comes with a free variant that helps you slowly become familiar with its working process before you subscribe to its paid version. However, most experts advise using the premium version of Yoast SEO. There are many benefits of using the paid version as it provides unlimited access to more phrases, keywords and other content. This tool will also automatically check your most vital pages and notify you if too much duration has passed between upgrades. You will get internal link suggestions, ad-free experience and premium content insights, among other benefits, by upgrading to the paid plugin.

Provides Flexibility of Operations

You can perform simple or complex tasks as per your choice on this tool, owing to its undeniable flexibility. You have the option to publish blog posts just by using the basic version of the platform. You can also utilise the platform for other distinct purposes from the other side of the spectrum. For example, you can integrate functionality along with plugins & widgets with the help of a website development company to use it for your business web page. You can achieve anything with the tool you want for your page. Again, you can make it happen only by setting up a third-party software or plugin, but there is a slight possibility. The WordPress adjustability also depends on the individuals who utilise it for their work. It contains attributes that range from requiring almost nil technical experience to advanced technicalities and startups, experienced designers, and every person in between can use these services. It is entirely up to your convenience and interest to use whatever facilities and benefits it provides.


Enables Effortless Content Creation

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Anyone can start a new WordPress site as it is effortless to execute. It takes only a few clicks to set up everything professionally. Once the page goes live, you only have to do a single task – go to your dashboard menu and navigate to the ‘posts’ section. You will be able to discover everything you need as a writing and publishing guide for the new blog post. You’ll find multiple tools like formatting tools, text editors and numerous methods of publishing media files. Most developers continuously working on the platform for a long time will vouch that it is straightforward to create content on the portal. Therefore, you can’t blame anyone if your content department lags behind all the other segments. Once you successfully publish your text, you won’t have to make difficult efforts and work tirelessly to edit it in the long run. The only activity you have to perform is finding the post and using the visual editor to make any tweaks or upgrades. Once you have made those tweaks, you can instantly make the new version of the content live just by clicking on the “save” button. For more clarity, contact Coweso – the leading web development company in Australia.

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